Discipleship Projects

For 30+ years, Salaam has served in the Islamic world. Many have sacrificed much—the Lord has blessed many Muslims.


Provide in-person seminars and workshops based on Dr. Mark Durie’s Liberty to the Captives. This bible-based training, tested across six continents, leads people to healing and freedom from the covenants of Islam. Here is a sample from Salaam’s 6.5-hour video resource.


Disseminate Liberty to the Captives training resources in the local language—national leaders go home from training events with LTTC resources in-hand. The book, audio book, prayers and videos are now available globally in many languages (click below).


As the Holy Spirit directs, seek out national leaders from those trained to initiate ongoing LTTC initiatives in their ethnic context. Provide appropriate follow-up and support, utilizing the “7 Keys” to authenticate an increase in the quality of disciple-making.